Scott Wilson - Head Coach

Scott is the Head Coach at SAW Athletic. He is a former professional Rugby player (Scotland International & Super League academies). During his time in the Super League, he was introduced to Strength and Conditioning. After he stopped playing rugby in 2012 Scott has been focusing on coaching CrossFit and Olympic Weightlifting.

In 2015, Scott was the Australian National Champion (-94kg) in Weightlifting and is currently preparing for the 2018 Commonwealth Games.

Scott has over 8 years of coaching experience and with it comes a passion for helping people achieve things they have never done before. 

He also has a weakness for all things sweet and sugary!

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Christine Dang - CEO

Growing up, Christine was bullied and always battled with her self confidence. Over the years, she has seen the benefit of training, getting stronger and being around other females on similar journeys as herself. Her biggest passion in life is helping other women build their own confidence, through sharing her own journey and personal story.

Christine is also a Financial Coach at Wealth Enhancers and loves sharing tips on all things personal finance so make sure you pick her brains! She has a weakness for hot chips and chocolate.

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